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Coat and Sprinkle Antislip Coating

Safemate’s Coat & Sprinkle is used for making walkways and pathways by providing an antislip texture to the surface. Slip prevention for surfaces that has foot-traffic is paramount to reducing accidents due to slips on same level. Safemate’s Coat and Sprinkle is equally effective in domestic, commercial, and industrial situations.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics report based on statistics from 2008, same level falls was the highest among all the falls reported to have caused death. Building Code of Australia has strict requirements for providing a safe surface for foot-traffic in all walkways and pathways.

Not all walking surfaces can be effectively covered and or fitted with safe plates and cappings because of topography and locatiion. In order to make such surfaces antislip, Safemate offers Coat and Sprinkle – an easy and effective way to create nonslip or antislip pathways.

The Safemate Coat ‘N’ Sprinkle is a two coat system that provides an anti-slip texture coating on foot-traffic areas. It is suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, metal, epoxy and wooden surfaces.

  • Easy-mix 2 part system
  • Low Odour
  • Hard ceramic grit for non-slip surface
  • Application kit with instructions provided
  • Quick cure
  • Available in 1L and 4L kits
  • Easy creation of nonslip surface
  • Increase in slip, trip and fall prevention
  • Reduce the incidences of falls due to slips
  • Choice of colours
  • Chemically resistant
  • No peeling or wearing out of antislip surface
  • Highest antislip rating – R13 and P5 – as tested by NATA approved, accredited testing facility as per Australian and International standards
  • Can be applied on concrete, timber and metal surfaces
  • Remains antislip in wet, oily, greasy, dry and dirty conditions
  • High impact resistance