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Nonslip products to a wide range of industries

Since 1974, Safemate Anti-Slip has provided quality non-slip walkway, non-slip stair and non-slip floor products to virtually every major industry sector.

A failure to provide an effective slip-resistant workplace or public area can not only cause serious injury or death, it can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines, compensation payments and performance penalties.

Safemate Anti-Slip has taken the time to learn the particular environmental and operating conditions of a range of industry sectors - dirt and moisture, chemical and organic waste, heavy traffic and high impact zones - and have developed nonslip solutions to meet these challenges.

Operational, Maintenance and OH&S Managers have come to trust Safemate Anti-Slip to deliver effective and cost-efficient non-slip solutions to hazards caused by slippery walkways, floors and stairs.

Our products use only the highest quality antislip materials designed to provide durable, sanitary non-slip surfaces that comply with relevant regulatory standards throughout the world - all backed by a full 10 year factory warranty.

Safemate - Your partner in Safety

Further industries we service:

Aviation Airport Terminals, Hangars, External Stairs & Ramps
Construction Industrial, Commercial and Residential
Defense Materiel Production, Military Bases
Entertainment Nightclubs, Theatres, Studios
Financial Retail Banking
Food Abattoirs, Processing, Commercial Kitchens
Manufacturing Automotive, Appliances, Furniture
Maritime Ships, Dry Docks, Loading Docks
Mechanical Garages, Smash Repairs
Medical Hospitals, Laboratories, Aged & Disability Care Facilities
Petroleum Refineries, Oil Rigs
Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacturing
Power Power Stations, Sub-Stations
Primary Production Beef, Dairy, Wine, Woo
Service Hairdressing, Personal Fitness and Therapy
Steel Foundry, Fabrication, Sales
Timber Mills, Sales
Tourism Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks
Transport Loading Docks, Truck Ladders & Trays, Servicing Facilities